Friday, January 6, 2012

boy oh boy!

Oh my gosh where has time gone!?! The past 6 months have flown by!! It's so hard for me to believe how big Logan is getting. Every day I look at him with shear amazement.I forgot how much I LOVE having a baby around! Logan is so cuddly and smiley. He's a very content and easy baby, which we are soooooo thankful for! He is so laid back compared to Alahna was, it is truely amazing.

I am so blessed and thank God for his smiling face every morning before I go to work. I've been able to sustain my milk supply in full force and see no reason why I shouldn't be able to continue for the next 6 months! This is such a relief for me. I had to mentally prepare myself for the thought of supplementing when I found out I was only going to get 4 weeks off for maternity leave. Breastfeeding has always been important to me so this was not easy. Luckily God has provided me with my opportunities to pump (ie while driving to work, while eating lunch, etc) and I've stocked up enough!!

It is hard to sum up the first 6 months of Logan's life. Here are a few pictures to capture how much he has grown. I got an iPhone for Christmas, so most of my most recent pics are on there. I still don't know how to download them to the computer so I'll get the most recent ones up soon =) He was born with a full head of hair, then lost it all, then grew it back again. He looks so much older and like a little man with his cute hair! He is affactionatly called "Logi Bear" or "Little Man". What a delight Logan Cecil is!! My heart over flows every day with the love I have for my children!

9 weeks

those big eyes can just melt your heart!

Goofy baby!

Alahna is such a good big sister! She loves Logan so much. She's very kind and gentle (as much as a 3 year old can be expected to be). My favorite thing she does is come up and rub her cheek against his and say "O mama, he's so cute!"

One of the last nice weekends that I had off in September we decided to go camping! Logan loves being outside and actually slept really good in his little screen tent =)

We called our house Grand Central Station for the first 3 months of Logan's life! Grand meaning Grandparents!!! It was fun to have everyone visit. My dad lives here so of course he was down a few times. All the other Colorado grandparents came for 1-2 weeks at a time. My mom has actually came out 3 times since Logan was born. My kids LOVE having their grandparents in town. It means an instant playmate for Alahna and an extra set of arms to snuggle Logan. We are looking forward to being HALF way done with my ophthalmology residency and the possibility of moving back home after I'm done!

Grammy Sulli and Papa Dave

The apple orchard with Grandma Kath and Grandpa Bob

Grandpa Mike and Grandma Gail

October was a big month for Alahna. She started preschool!!! We decided that it would be really nice to get her into some structured learning and out of the house to enjoy other kids her again (not to mention give Eric a break and Logan more one on one time). It is clearly a hit for everyone. She only goes 2 half days a week so it's the perfect amount of time. She is the youngest in her class by quite a bit, because she was turning 3 in one month and was fully potty trained, they allowed her to be in the three year old class. We thought it would be much better for her to be stimulated at a higher level. She seams to be doing really well and is having lots of fun!

classic Alahna (peak a boo)

4 month cutie!

brother and sister, the beginning of a great friendship!

Alahna LOVES helping feed Logan. So far he has only had rice cereal, but he chows that down. I finally made time to make baby food this week, so we will be starting sweet potatoes and avocados this week!!

The Higginson wild kingdom

Logan was dedicated to God at our amazing church Epic. This was originally supposed to happen the weekend of the hurricaine, so it was cancelled. Go figure, its not a good idea to take a baby out in a hurricaine even if it is to be welcomed into the kingdom of God. =)

Christmas Cuties!


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