Friday, January 6, 2012

boy oh boy!

Oh my gosh where has time gone!?! The past 6 months have flown by!! It's so hard for me to believe how big Logan is getting. Every day I look at him with shear amazement.I forgot how much I LOVE having a baby around! Logan is so cuddly and smiley. He's a very content and easy baby, which we are soooooo thankful for! He is so laid back compared to Alahna was, it is truely amazing.

I am so blessed and thank God for his smiling face every morning before I go to work. I've been able to sustain my milk supply in full force and see no reason why I shouldn't be able to continue for the next 6 months! This is such a relief for me. I had to mentally prepare myself for the thought of supplementing when I found out I was only going to get 4 weeks off for maternity leave. Breastfeeding has always been important to me so this was not easy. Luckily God has provided me with my opportunities to pump (ie while driving to work, while eating lunch, etc) and I've stocked up enough!!

It is hard to sum up the first 6 months of Logan's life. Here are a few pictures to capture how much he has grown. I got an iPhone for Christmas, so most of my most recent pics are on there. I still don't know how to download them to the computer so I'll get the most recent ones up soon =) He was born with a full head of hair, then lost it all, then grew it back again. He looks so much older and like a little man with his cute hair! He is affactionatly called "Logi Bear" or "Little Man". What a delight Logan Cecil is!! My heart over flows every day with the love I have for my children!

9 weeks

those big eyes can just melt your heart!

Goofy baby!

Alahna is such a good big sister! She loves Logan so much. She's very kind and gentle (as much as a 3 year old can be expected to be). My favorite thing she does is come up and rub her cheek against his and say "O mama, he's so cute!"

One of the last nice weekends that I had off in September we decided to go camping! Logan loves being outside and actually slept really good in his little screen tent =)

We called our house Grand Central Station for the first 3 months of Logan's life! Grand meaning Grandparents!!! It was fun to have everyone visit. My dad lives here so of course he was down a few times. All the other Colorado grandparents came for 1-2 weeks at a time. My mom has actually came out 3 times since Logan was born. My kids LOVE having their grandparents in town. It means an instant playmate for Alahna and an extra set of arms to snuggle Logan. We are looking forward to being HALF way done with my ophthalmology residency and the possibility of moving back home after I'm done!

Grammy Sulli and Papa Dave

The apple orchard with Grandma Kath and Grandpa Bob

Grandpa Mike and Grandma Gail

October was a big month for Alahna. She started preschool!!! We decided that it would be really nice to get her into some structured learning and out of the house to enjoy other kids her again (not to mention give Eric a break and Logan more one on one time). It is clearly a hit for everyone. She only goes 2 half days a week so it's the perfect amount of time. She is the youngest in her class by quite a bit, because she was turning 3 in one month and was fully potty trained, they allowed her to be in the three year old class. We thought it would be much better for her to be stimulated at a higher level. She seams to be doing really well and is having lots of fun!

classic Alahna (peak a boo)

4 month cutie!

brother and sister, the beginning of a great friendship!

Alahna LOVES helping feed Logan. So far he has only had rice cereal, but he chows that down. I finally made time to make baby food this week, so we will be starting sweet potatoes and avocados this week!!

The Higginson wild kingdom

Logan was dedicated to God at our amazing church Epic. This was originally supposed to happen the weekend of the hurricaine, so it was cancelled. Go figure, its not a good idea to take a baby out in a hurricaine even if it is to be welcomed into the kingdom of God. =)

Christmas Cuties!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the world Logan Cecil Sullivan Higginson!

Well, I've been really bad about updating the last few months. On July 1 at 2:43pm God gave us another miracle! Logan Cecil Sullivan Higginson was born to us weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and measuring 20.5 inches!! He is such a delight!

It is so amazing how each of my births were completely different. This time around we decided on an elective induction 1 week early because it would be the day before the long holiday weekend, so I would get 4 days with my baby for only 1 vacation day. Unfortunately with the demands of residency I only get 4 weeks off, so 4 extra days makes a big difference!! With Alahna my water broke 11 days early but I didn't go into labor on my own so I had to have pitocin for 4 hours without an epidural (OUCH) then my epidural completely wore off by the time it was time for pushing, so I felt everything! Little did I know that with a proper epidural it would be super easy! This birth story was much more laid back. We had a great family day of just me, Eric and Alahna on Thursday doing lots of fun things for the last time as a family of 3! We went to the library for a music class, out to eat at PF changs, and swimming! I was pretty emotional about the whole situation but had a great time and was very excited to get to meet my son!!

We went to the hospital at 11 pm Thursday night, I got two doses of Cytotec (a medicine to soften and dilate your cervix) which got me to go from 2cm and 50% to 3 cm and 60%. I was having mildly strong contractions by morning and didn't know how quickly I would progress so opted for an epidural around 10am when I was between 3-4cm. Then it was just a waiting game!! They actually didn't check me again until 1:30pm because I wasn't feeling any pressure or anything and my contractions were nice and regular. At that time I was 8 cm and 80%, but he was hanging on by his monkey toes still in the -2 station! (that's second to highest in your pelvis). The nurse sat me up so gravity would work it' magic. She called it the ejection chair! HAHA! Well, it worked because within an hour I was complete and ready to push. 3 pushes with 3 contractions later and our little man was born!!! I actually felt like I cheated because there was no screaming in pain and said, geez that's it! Sign me up to have a third! =) We are so thankful that Logan was perfectly healthy and the delivery was so easy for me!!!

Alahna came up to meet her baby brother that evening with Eric. She was so excited!!! Eric gave her this mini test (game) of things she needed to do to be a big sister and then we went to get a hospital bracelet that says big sister. She still hasn't taken it off (19 days later!!!!) She is so sweet with him. She is constantly kissing him and rubbing her face on his soft baby skin and hair. She loves to hold his hand and help with things that she can. Daily she has been saying "I love my baby Logan soooooooo much!" We have been so lucky that both of us are able to be home with the kids for an entire month before I go back to work. It has definitely helped Alahna transition into the new role! Not to mention all the thoughtful gifts that people have brought her when they come to visit Logan!!
A few funny stories of Alahna being a big sister...
Before Logan was born we told her that mama and daddy will go to the hospital when baby brother is born and then she will come meet him, so she decided the hospital would be referenced as the "born place".
She is constantly saying "I was a baby when I was born" and will point at whatever is Logan's using now (like the baby bath for instatnce) and say "When I was a baby I was in that bath, but now I'm too big"! She really has a good grasp on it!
I was a little worried as to how she would react to me nursing him, but she has been great. We explained that babies are too little to eat food and they need milk from their mama to grow big and strong. So she says "I want milk too". We say, "well you are a big girl so you drink milk from a cup" She replies "Oh ok, I need milk from my cup!" She also has tried to "help" Logan eat when I'm nursing and squeezed my breast for him to get more milk! I cracked up and she said, "what, I'm helping" God love toddlers!!!

I am LOVING being a mom of two! I almost forgot how much I love having a baby around. He is so cuddly and adorable! It's so fun being able to snuggle with him, but still talk to and play with the "everlasting battery" (2 1/2 year old Alahna)! Logan is such a laid back baby. I think the second time around is SOOOO much easier, because I feel like I know what I'm doing and we aren't walking on egg shells around him. He is already napping in his bed during the day or in the pack n play downstairs, swing, stroller at the park, or well anywhere =) He is totally different than Alahna was. He loves his pacifier and will actually put himself to sleep if you lay him down drowsy with a paci! Alahna didn't do that until at least 3-4 months and even then she would cry herself to sleep! He just drifts off quietly!! I love it =) This allows me to get things done around the house and spend quality time with Alahna. He is becoming much more alert when he is awake and will stay awake for about an hour after each feeding in the morning! He's finally back up to his birth weight and getting into a good feeding schedule of every 2 hours during the day and 3 hours at night. Babies are so much fun!

My mom was able to come in for a short visit to meet the little bambino. It was such a blessing having an extra set of hands to play with Alahna and get some snuggle time in with Logan. We always LOVE having Grammy visit. She's coming back for a much needed longer visit at the end of August when I'm back to work.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures so far. There are sooooooo many that the rest will be on facebook for your enjoyment.

I am so overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for my children. God really creates us to be loving parents! I couldn't even imagine loving someone as much as I love Alahna and yet I do and it's so wonderful!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

our life is full of JOY!

We have been so blessed! I never knew that my life could be filled with so much joy until I became a mother! On this mother's day I'm going to take some time to brag about my adorable daughter and loving family =)

Most recently my mom and stepdad came out to visit for easter. We had soooo much fun. Alahna was throughly spoiled by Grammy and Papa and loved every minute of it. We got a bunch of stuff together for the baby that we are all so anxiously awaiting. Little boy clothes have become so much fun =) Alahna got a new rain coat and wanted to wear it everywhere. It was super cute! Here are a few pics of their trip:

We had fun dying easter eggs with Noah and the babies even got into the Easter spirit...HAHA.

I'm so thankful that Easter isn't only about candy and eggs, we know the true reason to celebrate is Jesus' ressurection!! The most exciting day in the Christian year. We think it is important for Alahna to know this so we told her the easter basket was from Jesus and told her to say thank you Jesus for my presents. Pretty darn cute and much better than a silly rabbit =)

Eric's birthday had two big events rolled in one day, of course his birthday AND Alahna got her cast off!!! She was such a trooper the last 3 weeks. I think she almost liked having it for all the attention she got wherever we went. She would proudly say "look at my cast" and "I broke my leg but it's getting fixed". Eric said she actually cried and said she didn't want it off when they were at the doctor, but then when it was off she was really excited to put on TWO socks and TWO shoes. Here are some pics and a REALLY cute video of her singing happy birthday to her daddy! (darn the video wouldn't work, but I'm going to keep trying and hopefully you will get to see it soon!)

We also started swimming lessons (aka aquatic rehab =) Alahna is such a little fish. I actually got in with everyone so I only have one pic of playing before class. This rec center is AWESOME!! More to come on our little fish.

How can you not feel blessed when you have an amazing family like this!!! More amazement to come in less than two months with BBH (baby boy Higginson's) arrival!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A week of FIRSTS

Last week was full of some good and some bad "firsts"....

Eric finally made me break down and get Alahna's hair cut. It was getting really long and uneven, but the curls were so pretty that I was resistant. I had a hair cut set for myself and he suggested to call to see if we could add Alahna on. Husbands are really good for those spur of the moment, just bite the bullet and do it decisions. Being a typical mom I was parnoid the whole time that she was going to make a crazy rash movement and a huge clump would come off, necessitating a really short do. HAHA. She actually did surprisingly well and the hair stylist was amazing! We will definitely be going back there again =)

The second "first" was not so a mear two years and five months Alahna got her first broken bone!!! She is one tough girl and is always doing daredevil stunts like climbing up really high playground equipment, so surprisingly (and thankfully) this actually just happened while she was on flat surface at the park! We are unsure of exactly what happened, but she was running and she said a little boy pushed her. She must have caught her leg just right! Eric took her to the doctor right away, but she seemed to be doing ok so they oppted to watch and xray the following day if she wasn't walking. That night she totally decompensated and wouldn't walk at all. It was so pathetic. Some of the sad phrases were "I can't walk mama" and "I want to try to walk" which would then follow with a few limping steps and a big cry! Poor baby!!! It totally broke my heart! They went to the pediatric orthopedist in the am and ended up getting the result of a probably growth plate fracture or small toddler's fracture that didn't show up yet. They still wanted to cast it for 3 weeks and then see how she's doing. Thank God for all the prayers for her, because that is a pretty short time and she does have a little shoe that we can put on it for her to walk. She was pretty tired and didn't know what to think of the whole thing the first few days, but really perked up today. She learned how to walk pretty good and even got to participate in the easter egg hunt at papa's house today! What a trooper!!

I had my first OKAP exam which is basically like a mock board exam for ophthalmology. Our program takes this very seriously so I've been spending all my extra time (after Alahna goes to sleep mostly) studying for the last two and a half months. I'm really glad that I can finally spend some time with Eric and get excited about our new addition that will be making his appearance in a little over 2 1/2 months!!